Saturday, November 8, 2008

new address

hey whatsup, everybody well right now i just got the site updated and we actually move all my entries to be sure to check it out and book mark it and also send a message at

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey Young World

Well for starters more and more updates are coming to fresh kut ave. well right now im trying to figure out how to transfer my blogger page to my website right now its still in the works. Umm other than that i've been shopping way too much from buying shoes and hats and all that good stuff. Its addiction and i bet all you can agree. but i work and i get what i want. But im all last minute but ive been peeping the new pack of jordans that just came out this past saturday.
Too bad i didnt get to copp those but rumors has it the space jam 11's is coming back out.If so i will camp out in front of propers

But on another note: its about that time for school and soooo that means summer almost over and theres are done doing sit-ups. So you young blog cadets came peep out the new stussy fall line coming out.. peep game>>>

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Gladly pay you tuesday!

Oh man! its tuesday and i've been sleep all day . so lets recap monday since i havent wrote a blog. i went to the holy grail yesterday and chilled out with my boy edgar. So right after work we went to the graff yard his crew go hit up at . and we met up with his brother so we gotta 20 pack of tecate's and blow sum tree's. So right after our kicked back. we went to lucy's on pico and union. so we step in there and we see this mexican hoochie (well i call them strawberries). Well we step in and this strawberry is all showing her chi chi's to this fake ass cowboy and she got a sport bottle of drank in her hand just downing it.. it was comedy because we past by it and we had the laughs all the way until we got our food. so we have to pass by that fiasco again and that fake ass cowboy is trying to get rowdy with yours truly and hes flickin me off. and then it got to the point where he tried to kick edgar's car. so i chase dude all the way down pico and until i laugh myself out of running. i felt bad for chasing him and including i never done anything like that.

but heres something i thought was pretty cool to watch. ive been robot chicken and they have the spoofs of cartoons and other stuff and this one i thought was so funny. it just reminds me of sum mafia ish and some stuff with menace 2 society

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Its So unbelievable

What a weekend?! Ok well ima start this off ive been hustlin' since friday at sneaker pimps it was mad dope. there it was my first time at a sneaker pimps show. Perfomances was wild. Saturday i pretty much chilled out.Sunday i got up late but i got the bat signal to head to the holy grail because turns out the dub show was going down at the dub show and there were a bunch of heads coming inside the store..

But i've sneaker searching and i came up with these which are coming out friday.
this is what coming to undefeated on friday

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sneaker pimps in l.a...holy grail business

Hey whatsup I went with the crew to help out at The Sneaker Pimps tour show. With performances by ghostface killah,u-n-i,and public enemy. there was alot of stuff poppin' off over there we was most definitely in the building posted selling our exclusive selective kicks that we wanted to display and sell. It was so much of a dope moment. So i guess i would have to show you pix because thats what i do ?! i share the kodak moment! hahaha

peep game

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crazy World

Okay so its time for a new computer,its time to put away ol'sally and go holla at a mac haha. I've been sitting at The Holy Grail and most of my work are mostly on a mac which is cool i would sitt in the front and just play my music and set up all my promotion strategy and talk smack amongst my comrads. well a couple weeks ago the anime expo came up and we notice alot of folks that came in and i was shock because i watch anime . but since ive been doing my work there i've went to erotica,eye candy expo and some other stuff too.. so check out the pix
pepsi man

But on Another Note:
Dude rick ross was a correctional officer for 18 months in his life. well you gotta do what you gotta do. Many of rappers been there and done that..actually did a good deed in there lifetime in society . but he is praise as a m.i.yayo boss .. its all good i like his music.

ive been watchin' this show called baldwin hills..basically its a so-called reality show based on a area in l.a. called baldwin hills (saditty side of the ghetto)but if you into those kinda shows its a black version of mtv laguna beach.. well i dont like no one on there except seiko. she is like japanese and black.. she seem like she got the less drama on that show since i've watch it. it just seem like everything is all a act. 2 girls beefin between a kid thats practically laughin at yahh because yahh both acting like rats. awwww l.a. kids, to tell you the truth they really wont do that in south central l.a. and based it on folks thats from the hood. somebody would get hurt or something even worse.. BET stopp copyin MTV yahh both suck and VH1 is shittin on yahh as far as reality.But I love you seiko

Ted Dibiase

This Might Be late news but lets get it on!
Did you know Kidz In the Hall was in a club brawl with some club security. It has been mention on

heres the statement
"Double O from the hip hop group Kidz In The Hall was assaulted by several bouncers early Saturday morning, July 26, while inside a nightclub in Tempe, AZ following a Kidz In The Hall performance. Group member and friend Naledge, who did not witness the assault on Double O, was arrested outside of the club. Naledge's attempt to get medical assistance for Double O was misconstrued as a hinderence to the investigation," the statement reads.

Well lets hope they will be here tonight for Sneaker Pimps im really looking forward to seeing there performance. Did i mention ghostface killah! haha

Since the Title of My blog is called Ted going to talk about ted dibiase, hall of famer of the world wrestling entertainment. To me he was the guy that gave you the reason why cash rule everything around me! he was like that song what jay-z and j.d did " money aint a thing" but reading in the latest mass appeal magazine. he retired from wrestling and became a minister. if you grew up in my time then you know whatsup with mr.dibiase and his fancy million dollar belt. so this blog is dedicated to you.. cheers

Aww now im going to show a bunch of models that im peeping out im just going to do a draft pick and make a team. because the girls i was working with they cant even get ahold of . i need to set up some photoshoots again. but heres my other friend that i met at the eye candy expo.. she came off fresh to me and she is a filipina (oh my gosh i love filipina's) but i also notice all the hot model chickies are from San Diego.. I need Real Estate out there! lmao!